Julay Couture

June Lay is the Founder & Owner of Julay Couture. She is a highly experienced fashion designer specialising in bridal and glamour wear for over 30 years. With such in-depth knowledge and industry experience, she has won countless industry recognised awards for her work.

June have showcased her work in various events over the past three decades such as the Mercedes Car Show Melbourne and the Melbourne Cup Fashion awards in the early 2000's, Northern Territory Fashion Awards 1993 and designed a gown for the Miss Australia competition in 1990.

June Lay has worked with numerous leading designers over the years and have been part of various fashion shows on the judging panels. 

Julay Couture designs are all extremely detailed, custom & handmade and unique to every one of their clients. All their wedding gowns are made to each client's individual needs and are produced from the highest quality French and Italian lace and pure silk so you can walk down the aisle in elegance.